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Nicholas draws an audience wherever he goes, his performances have taken him to every possible size venue. Everything from private corporate events to the largest stages in Vegas. Performing with style and charm, Nicholas Tweedy is a natural entertainer. Audience members both young and old are captivated and amazed by his performances. People just can't get enough of him, coming back again and again to see him perform and to show their friends. His performances include acts such as levitation, mentalism, illusion and much more.

Theatre Reviews

Fringe review - Nicholas Tweedy is the Reality Bender by Diana Carroll
The Independent Weekly

This is clearly a very skilled illusionist. With no fuss and little fanfare, Tweedy makes the impossible seem real right in front of your eyes. No matter how hard you concentrate, you just cannot see the trickery in these tricks. Whispers of "How did he do that?" and "Oh my God!" followed every illusion.

Nicholas Tweedy is the Reality Bender by Rani Nugraha

Watch your humble Blockbuster Card levitate in front of your very eyes. Marvel as steel is grossly manipulated with nothing more than a light human touch. Revel in the company of one individual, who will leave you wondering if he can control minds, or simply, connect with them...Nicholas Tweedy is the Reality Bender is nothing short of an all ages, eye popping spectacle, leaving you to wonder if you're watch is still on your wrist as you leave the venue ... or whether you wore a watch that night at all.

Nicholas Tweedy is the reality bender by Luke Balzan
The Adelaide Fix

This one's so much more than a magic show and I guarantee you'll walk away both smiling in awe and scratching your head with the eternal question: How?

Nicholas Tweedy - Tim Lloyd
The Advertister

His fluency as a magician is far as stage magicians go, this is the real deal.

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